Advisory Services

Solution Oriented Support

Growth. One of the challenges a business faces is receiving an objective perspective. MMA becomes an outlet to look at your operations with a fresh set of eyes. We share best practices and ideas we have learned to help you realign and execute plans.

Confidentiality. It is not easy for owners to share every idea with their management team, i.e. changes in benefit plans, exit or succession thoughts, and cost reduction ideas. You can talk freely with us and receive unbiased feedback and ideas.

Our Advisory Services Include:

Exit Planning & Family Succession
Goal Setting & Progress Monitoring
Cash Flow, Billings & Collections Analysis
Business Valuation
Litigation Support Consulting
Fraud & Forensics Investigations
Cyber Solutions

Our Process

Reinforce. Helping refine your business, adapt to new processes, address changing technology, and work toward achieving your goals is a vital part of our firm. As organizations evolve through their business lifecycle, their needs change and external items like regulatory issues require them to adapt.

Assessment. Our professionals will assess your current environment, identify strengths and weaknesses, and recommend a plan to help you profitably grow. Our process starts by asking questions that create an expanded discussion about your strategy.