SafeSend Organizer

At Mathieson, Moyski, Austin & Co, we deliver our electronic organizers via SafeSend.  SafeSend is not new to our firm, as we also utilize this to securely deliver electronic copies of tax returns.

Below are some helpful tips to help you the the process:

  • You will receive an email from Mathieson, Moyski, Austin at Add this email to your safe list to prevent it from being categorized as spam or junk.
  • If you do not see an email from Mathieson, Moyski, Austin at, please check your Spam or Junk folder.
  • For the best experience, we recommend using a laptop or desktop computer along with the web browser Google Chrome.
  • Any documents that include two signatures must be signed by both parties if applicable.
  • We will not start your tax return until you have clicked the Finish button after uploading all your tax documents. Clicking that Finish button lets us know we can get started on your tax return.

The benefits of electronic organizer process include:

  • Increased security around the sharing of your confidential tax documents.
  • Our immediate access to your uploaded documents.
  • Simultaneous access to the same tax documents – you will retain a copy of all information you provide to us through the software, which means you will not have to wait for us to process and return any documents to you that you may need as we complete your tax return.
For a guided walkthrough of the Safesend Organizer, as well as organizer best practices, check out the video below.