Our Clients

Proactive, Customized Guidance

Who Are Our Clients? MMA supports closely-held businesses, their families, family offices, high-net-worth individuals, and non-profit organizations.

What We Do for Clients? Our clients want a relationship that goes deeper than financial reports. We deliver tax and financial data they need to understand their financial position and we review results to provide ideas to refine performance.

What Do Our Clients Expect? They expect accurate information and insight to make informed decisions and make progress toward their goals. Fresh ideas include input on risk, opportunities, or items we see that might help them be more profitable.

Examples of Insight

Insight will vary based on each client’s needs and unique situation. One core element in our client relationships is understanding their Critical Success Factors and the Key Performance Indicators that monitor progress toward those CSFs.

Identifying CSFs
Determining & Tracking the KPIs That Drive Value
Measuring Ratios & Metrics
Developing a Tax Plan
Tailoring Accounting & Financial Reporting to Their Needs
Creating & Explaining Financial Reports
Suggesting Cash Flow Refinements
Searching for Profit & Operational Improvements
Assessing Risk

Our Client Service Model

Responsiveness. It sounds simple, but we return phone calls and emails. Even if we do not have an answer to your question, we let you know that we are aware and working on it for you. If your situation is urgent, we will find a way to get back to you immediately.

Flexibility. Situations arise. Life changes. Needs change. We adapt and scale as needed. Talk to us and explain what you need or might think you need, so we can help you find the right solution.