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Brian E. Eisenmenger, CPA

On the business side:
Been with MMA since January 2016

What kinds of clients do you serve? In what industries (if applicable)?
Estates and trusts
Real estate
Construction contractors
Service businesses

Business valuation

Where did you go to college?
Colleges: Eastern Illinois University, Northern Illinois University
Major(s): Accounting

Other licenses or certifications?

Master Of Science In Taxation (MST), Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA)

Membership has its privileges:
ICPAS, AICPA, National Association Of Certified Valuation Analysts

Involved with Wheaton Bible Church, DuPage PADS

On the lighter side:
When I’m not working, I like to… Golf, read, read about golf

When it’s tax season or I’m dealing w/ pressing deadlines, I always make sure I…
Take a few moments each day to reflect

Where I’d go if I could go anywhere on vacation…

My “posse” includes:
My wife Kristen and my children Libby and Becca